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It is our privilege to have been entrusted with the education of children at Pearls Garden High and we relish the responsibility of providing the best possible all-round education in preparation for their fulfilling adult lives.

Pearls Garden is a happy school with a warm, harmonious atmosphere. Our students flourish in our outstanding learning environment, developing respect and understanding for each other, thus ensuring they are well prepared for their future. We pride ourselves on hard work, resilience and impeccable behaviour, conducive to establishing good working habits. The excellent attitude of our students is supported by highly experienced, loving teachers and providing a pastoral system that leaves no child behind.

Although we will continue to take great pride in our high achievers, we are particularly proud that ALL of our students will experience supportive learning environment that inspires passion and leave with sound qualifications on which to build their future.

Mrs. Adebimpe - School Director

Vision and Values

Pearls Garden High was born out of three needs; 

  • To be sensitive to evolution in education and systems in the world at large and educate the children today for their tomorrow ensuring global relevance, proper fit in, & preparedness for opportunities ahead. “Success Comes When Opportunities meet Preparedness”
  • To provide continuity for our primary system of not only focusing on just Intelligence Quotient(IQ) but also Emotional Quotient(EQ) and Social Quotient(SQ). This is even more pertinent with secondary education. Preteens and teenagers need a system of education that doesn’t take away their happiness, gives them tenacity and prepares them for peaceful & profitable integration into corporate and complex human interactions.
  • To guide young adults in developing an innate sense of responsibility towards their academics, self and the society

These needs provide opportunities to build self and for leadership to affect people and society positively. In addition, we aim to develop skills and qualities that prepare our students for life beyond school; become effective members of the community with the confidence to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them and the awareness and willingness to contribute.