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Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare our students today for their tomorrow; nurture selfless and Godly leaders who are passionate about learning and aspire to achieve for self and society

Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse technology in all our activities to encourage exposure,  research,  creativity and Collaboration in a happy, warm, safe & welcoming  environment thereby ensuring learning, a memorable experience

Our Ideals

  • P – Perseverance
  • E – Excellence
  • A – Appreciation
  • R – Reliability
  • L – Leadership
  • S – Sincerity



By working with mentors to set goals and check achievement levels with goals every step of the way

Creative Expression

By allowing expression, imagination & creativity to come to fore through extracurricular activities like writing, dance, music, arts and drama without any barriers between sciences and arts.

e-Student Connect

By creating opportunities for our students to interact with students from other parts of the world

Social Connection

By providing avenues for social interaction


By ensuring dexterity in ICT knowledge & application without any barriers between sciences and arts

Tech Focused

By constantly integrating new technologies into our teaching and learning system.

Senior High

Our senior students understand actions and consequences, know that integrity should not be compromised, take responsibility for their actions, understand they are responsible for their successes and their decisions transcend self ...

Junior High

"To obtain the prize, you must pay the price"

We nurture our preteens to stand up for self, take charge of their lives, set goals and standards for themselves and keep their eyes on the prize.


Choosing a secondary school for your child is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At Pearls Garden High, we endeavour to provide a safe and nurturing environment, with an atmosphere of high expectations, creating ambitious, successful and responsible young adults, able and willing to contribute to society.

The values of resilience, honesty, ambition, respect and fairness are the foundation upon which we build successful and confident young people.  We want to inspire a passion for lifelong learning in all our children and a recognition that success only comes when they have the courage to learn from their mistakes. 

We have moderate sized classrooms that give equal opportunity of participation to all the students in every class.